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The UltraSand Filtration System is the equipment which in a short time can solve the turbidity of water and the decline of piping capacity for external factors such as the continuous incoming of outer foreign materials or internal factors such as piping corrosion and scale.
Since the UltraSand Filtration System removes suspended particles in system water up to highest 0.5 ㎛ above 99% in a short time, this equipment displays the quality of always clean water, the minimization of generating surroundings on piping corrosion and scale, the energy saving for improving of heat transfer capacity, the extension of life and reduction of trouble on piping equipments, and soon.

Feature and Application
  IAlways clean system water
  Prevention of scale at piping system such as heat exchanger, refrigerator, condenser, Etc.
  Saving of energy cost and minimization of chemical treatment cost.
  Extension of equipments life and improvement of overall operating rate.
  Reduction of overall operation and maintenance cost
  Elimination of Legionella pneumophila by destruction of living circumstance.
Major Experience Record