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Compact Plate Heat Echanger
High quality JANGHAN’s compact plate heat exchangers are designed with easy access for regular servicing and for a long, low maintenance lifetime with low life-cycle cost. Our compact plate heat exchangers offer may advantages over commodity-oriented conventional plate heat exchangers.
The plate heat exchanger consists of a series of ?corrugated plates that are gasketed depending on the liquids passing through. The plates are then compressed together in a rigid frame to create an arrangement of parallel flow channels. One fluid travels in the odd numbered channels, the other in the even.
The plate heat exchanger shall be fixed the frame with the plate-pact using tightening bolt. The plate-pact arranged in plate and gasket order. Between plate and plate made up channel. The plate-pact have put between fixed frame and movable frame. It’s tightening up bolts.
High and low theta plate
The plate heat exchangers have two different plate types. They differ on the shape of the chevron pattern of the corrugation as high and low theta plates. Owing to difference in plate pattern, the flow distribution and the pressure drop (at equal flow rate) in channels is not the same.
At equal flow rates low theta plates has lower pressure drop than high theta plates. High theta plates has effected turbulent flow than low theta plates and has higher heat transfer.
PHE's models