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PX-tank system
  Automatic replenishment; PX-tank system detects the tank water level by the Level transmitter, which is installed at one supporting leg of the expansion tank. If the water level drops below the minimum preset value, the replenishing solenoid valve opens to refill the tank until the tank water level is re-established over the minimum preset level.
  Automatic draining: By the same way, if the water level goes higher than the maximum preset value, the draining solenoid valve opens to drain the excess water from the tank until the tank water level is lowered under the preset maximum level. As a result, even if the heating/cooling system is operated somehow out of the design range for a while, the system can be operated as safe in some extent.
  Automatic deaerated gas: The dissolved gases in the high pressure water are deaerated in the closed expansion tank of atmospheric pressure according to the Henry’s Law.
Pump Controlled Closed Expansion Tank System
Efficiency of deaeration device