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  Prevention of corrosion for air
  Excellent air venting capacity
  No limitation in establishment place
  Expansion of operation temperature scope
  Smooth operation capacity
  Semi-permanent life and energy saving
EX / WX-Diaphragm
The closed expansion tank divided water and air chamber by an inner diaphragm completely intercepts the contact of the system water and the atmosphere, so that it is come
true the best piping function.
  The air chamber of expansion tank was sealed with an initial pressure. This time the system water doesn’t flow the inside of
expansion tank.
  When a piping system operates and the temperature rises, the expansion water flows the inside of expansion tank. This time the volume of the air chamber diminishes and the pressure of the expansion tank rises until maximum pressure.
  When the temperature falls, the system water contracts and the expansion water returns to piping system by the pressure of the air chamber. With this the volume of air chamber increases, the pressure decreases, and the state goes back to initial.
KX Series
The KX-Series as a closed expansion tank consist of small-sized and light weight air compressor, precise pressure sensor, high reliable automatic controller, and so on, and the microprocessor based automatic maintains the system pressure of heating and/or cooling water circuits within a desirable range at all time. The KX-Series compared with a pressure changed-type expansion tank (EX/WX Series) have merits as follows.
  When the temperature rises, the expansion water is inflow and the pressure of the air chamber side increases. This time the solenoid controlled valve is opened and it discharges the pressurized air. The pressure fluctuation of piping system is controlled within the +0.3kgf/cm2.
  When the temperature rises at maximum, amount of expansion water inside the tank become maximum, the solenoid controlled valve is closed, and air discharge is stopped.